Reynolds Wrap Standard Aluminum Tin Foil

30 sq ft

This package contains one roll of Reynolds Wrap Standard Aluminum Foil, measuring 30 feet long by 12 inches wide (30 square feet total) Aluminum foil roll offers a durable way to protect pans, simplify cleanup and wrap leftovers Use as a pan liner, packet or tent over roasted meats to lock in moisture, on the grill to keep meats tender, and with veggies to prevent them from falling into your grill Standard cutting edge built into the box lets you get even cuts for perfectly sized foil sheets and pan liners without rips The #1 brand of aluminum foil wrap, Reynolds Wrap has the trusted strength and quality you can count on for cooking delicious meals with easy cleanup Roll format lets you cut sheets of foil to the size needed to fit your storage containers, pans, sandwiches and leftover food portions Temperature resistant baking foil handles the high heat of grills or ovens and serves as a barrier for food stored in the refrigerator or freezer to lock in flavor . 30 Square Feet

Caution: Cutting Edge Is Sharp Avoid Contact