Ziploc Freezer Bag Value Pack, Gallon Size

28 ea

Useful Food Storage BagsFreezer Bag Value Pack, Gallon Size has been made to freeze raw food and cooked food. The bags are made using natural process that can help keep food healthy and fresh for long. The bags are lightweight which makes they easy to carry anywhere you go.25% less plasticLightweight materialEnd-to-end zip lockFreezer Bag Value Pack, Gallon Size are lightweight bags that are used to keep food fresh and prevent wastage. Just For You: All types of food itemsA Closer Look: Freezer Bag Value Pack, Gallon Size are made using wind power and contains 25 percent less plastic that helps keep food away from harmful chemicals. In addition, the bags can help you keep your food away from germs as it comes with an end-to-end zip lock.You Won't Find: Harmful chemicalsGet Started: Place bags in microwave safe dish. Open the zip to an inch. Do not overheat.